What to Know about a Slip and Fall Accident in Missouri 

A slip and fall accident involves a person slipping on a surface such as a floor, then falling on that surface. The property the person fell on is owned by another person or company. In Missouri, a slip and fall accident is a type of personal injury case. When seeking damages, or money, for expenses related to the accident, an individual can seek the help of a personal injury attorney Kansas City MO.

Negligence is Used to Determine if an Injured Person Will Receive Damages

Negligence is used to determine fault. It makes a party responsible for the slip and fall if they failed to do someone another an ordinary owner would have done in the same and/or similar circumstance. For example, an ordinary owner would have mopped up a spill on the floor immediately. However, the owner in a slip and fall case failed to mop the spill immediately. They are liable for the accident and must pay damages.

Comparative Negligence is Used to Determine if the Liable Party can Avoid Paying

Comparative negligence is a legal defense use to determine if the plaintiff, or injured person, shared any responsibility for the accident. An injured person is responsible for protecting themselves from harm. This means practicing due diligence when walking on property owned by someone else. The court will look at things such as the plaintiff not wearing proper footwear at the time or whether they were trespassing. The court will also study whether the person should have seen the spill prior to failure and if signage was placed around the dangerous situation.

If the court finds the plaintiff liable, their jury award will decrease. For example, the plaintiff is awarded $10,000. However, the court finds they were 30 percent responsible for the slip and fall accident because they were paying attention to where they were walking. The court will decrease their jury award by 30 percent. This means they only receive $7,000.

Comparative Negligence is a Factor in Missouri Slip and Fall Settlement Cases

A slip and fall case can be resolved outside of court. This is called a settlement. The plaintiff agrees to drop the court case in exchange for a money. The money terms may be a series of payments or one lump sum payment. The defendant typically does not have to admit fault.

During the negotiations, offers and counteroffers are made until they can come to an agreement. The negotiations include using the comparative negligence defense to lower the amount owed. For example, instead of a $10,000 settlement, the injured individual will receive a $7,000 settlement if they were 30 percent responsible for the accident.

Comparative Negligence can be Challenged in Court

If the defense presents the comparative negligence defense, the plaintiff’s attorney can challenge the claim. The attorney may present a challenging defense claim that their client was at fault. Some comparative negligence challenges are successful, and the plaintiff does not lose any of settlement.

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Three Ways to Save Big Bucks on Your Auto Insurance

You pay a lot out of pocket for different types of insurance plans today. This includes the amount that you pay on your auto insurance. Because these numbers can add up quickly and the payments tend to be more often than your wish, you should look for ways to keep these rates to a minimum. Fortunately, for those of you who know how to do your research in advance, you can look for different ways to minimize the financial damage to your budget. In fact, if you follow the recommendations provided for you below, you can a save a significant chunk of your hard-earned money on a regular basis. So, for those of you who have an interest in how to manage your auto insurance budget better, here are 3 ways that you can save the big bucks on your auto insurance and still have a good plan.
Don’t Default to Choosing the Updated Policy Rates During Your Renewal Period — Shop Around First

Each year you have an opportunity to renew your insurance with your present auto insurance company. In fact, you will most likely receive the updated rates and changes a month or so before the policy is renewed. While some vehicle owners may simply accept the rates that’s quoted and continue the current policy that they have, this may not always be the best rates that you can get. So, as a reminder to you and others, you should take a little time to do your automobile insurance company bridgeport wv research and shop around during this period. This is because the insurance rates quoted may not be the best that you can receive based on several different factors. Simply stated, this is the best time to shop around for a better plan with an auto insurance that can provide with the same or similar services.

Consider Raising Your Deductible Amounts

If you want to save money on the front end, you can take a relatively big chunk out of the quoted rate simply by raising your deductible amounts. Raising the deductibles on your policy usually results in lowering your monthly payments so it can be a good way to save money on a regular basis. However, before taking this option, you need to make sure that the higher deductible will not prevent you from repairing your vehicle properly if an accident does occur.

Review Your Optional Insurance Coverage If your Vehicle Is Older

When you buy a new vehicle, your finance company usually requires a certain amount of insurance on your car. In fact, these requirements normally entail buying full coverage so that means he optional insurance coverages are not optional for you. However, when your vehicle ages and the vehicle is paid off, you have the option of dropping these coverages from your policy. In fact, in some cases, the optional insurance will only cost more money on the rates but have no real added value for you if you do have a vehicle accident. This is especially the case when you pay more for insurance than the actual value of the car.

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Choosing an Insurance Provider, a Commitment

Choosing an insurance agency to protect your life, home, automobile, and belongings is a big decision that should not be taken lightly. There are a number of insurance providers Orlando FL and spending some time shopping what they provide is a wise decision. You want an insurance company that shares the same values of you and your family, that provides excellent customer service, provides a value, and that has a solid reputation.

Do Your Values Align?

The first thing you should look at when searching for an insurance company is what their values are as a company. Do their values align with your values? You can find this out by looking at their website and talking with an agent. Does the agent only talk about money and how much a policy is? Are the involved in the community? These are just a few of the questions that you should get answers to when choosing an insurer.

Viability Matters

An insurance provider that is not financially strong has the potential of being rendered useless. If a large natural disaster strikes and an insurance company has to pay out millions of dollars in claims, then it is very important that they are financially able to do so. Choose a company that is highly rated for their financial strength. This indicates that not only can the insurer pay its claims but that they value being financially fit. There are many ratings agencies that rate insurance providers such as Moody’s and A.M. Best.

Customer Service Is Paramount

An insurance provider that cares about its customers will retain those customers. Ask your friends, family members, and coworkers about how their insurance agency treats them. Does the company’s agents answer the phone and return phone calls quickly? Does the company respond to their questions and concerns? Are claims handled in a timely manner? These are just a few questions you can ask to get a feel for how the company values its customers. Online review sites are a great way to gauge this as well. The length of time the company has been around is a huge indicator of the company’s strength as well. There is typically a reason that an insurance provider that has been around for 100 years or more.


Insurance is highly regulated by the states in which they operate. Agents should be licensed to sell the products that the company sells. You can look on your states insurance regulatory commission’s website and see if your company has violated any laws in the recent past. If there are violations that have been reported then that is a huge red flag. Doing your homework when choosing an insurance provider is well worth the time.

Insurance is a necessary part of a successful financial life and your provider can make all the difference. Take the time to research insurance providers in your area before choosing one. This relationship will typically be a long one, so make it a good choice.

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Post Car Accident Checklist

If you have ever been in an automobile accident then you know the craziness that can happen afterward. A million things are running through your head as you try to take in what just happened. There may be injuries involved in either or both parties and then there is the damage to vehicles and/or property. There a number of things that you should do directly after being involved in an accident. Here are the 5 things that you must do each and every time you are involved in a car accident.

Your auto insurance company Bridgeport WV will be able to process your claim quickly if you follow these steps.

Get To A Safe Place

If the accident is not a major one and your car is still able to move, the first thing to do is find a safe place to park. Every year there are hundreds of accidents and dozens of fatalities that occur AFTER the accident. This is for a number of reasons including approaching vehicles not paying attention to parties of the original accident not moving to a safe place. If possible, move to a parking lot or someplace off the road. Stay as far away from the roadway as possible.

Take An Injury Report

Next, you should check for injuries to yourself and the occupants of all vehicles. If the accident is significant then assess the situation and determine if the occupants should be moved out of the vehicle. If there is evidence of a possible neck injury then it is best to wait for emergency vehicles to arrive before moving the injured person.

Call The Police

The next thing would be to call 911 and report the accident. Depending on the damage and/or injuries involved emergency personnel may or may not be dispatched to your location. Never admit fault, either to the other party or to the police department.

Record The Scene

In the event of a minor fender bender, your local police may not even send anyone out to file a report. In this instance, you will have to do your own report. Document the damage and the location of the accident by taking videos or photos of the scene. Document things like the time of day, weather, temperature, etc. This may prove to play a key role in your insurance company’s case.

Call Your Insurance Company

Promptly report the incident to your insurance agent or company. This should be in a timely manner according to the requirements of your insurance provider. Filing a claim as soon as possible will ensure that you get your vehicle back on the road as soon as possible.

A car accident is never a pleasant event, no matter how small or large. Knowing what to do after an accident will ease some of the stress that comes from it. Remember to be safe first and foremost and make sure the accident is reported to the proper authorities.

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Personal and Homeowner’s Insurance

When it comes to insurance, there are many different kinds. There is personal insurance, there is homeowner’s insurance, car insurance, health insurance, insurance for precious items, and the list goes on. The basic idea of insurance is to pay a monthly amount to have a certain amount of coverage to pay for any damage done to the items insured. For your health, this would mean paying a monthly insurance bill and in the case that you broke an elbow, you would be covered for let’s say $50,000, meaning you could have a $50,000 surgery or procedure covered by your insurance company. In this article, we will discuss personal and homeowner’s insurance.

Personal Insurance

People often think that personal insurance is only geared towards life insurance, but in reality there are five different types of personal insurance. These include life insurance, critical illness insurance, long-term care, health insurance, and disability insurance. Now, let’s describe them in more detail one by one.

Life insurance: This allows your insurance company to pay one lump of money to your family after you die. They will be able to continue their lifestyle after you are no longer there.

Critical Illness: One lump payment upon you being diagnosed with an illness that cannot be cured.

Long-Term Care: This policy will provide monthly payments needed to take care of you for the length of your illness.

Health Insurance: This insurance only covers portions of your health bills.

Disability Insurance: If you can’t continue to work because of a disability this insurance will give a monthly payment

Homeowner’s Insurance

We have covered personal insurance, now let’s talk about homeowner’s insurance. We often don’t think about this until it is too late, but what is homeowner’s insurance?

When you get homeowner’s insurance you’re insuring both the home, and the things inside of it. If there were ever to be a fire, storm, or earthquake, and you lost everything, the insurance policy would probably only cover you up to 80% of the total value of the house. This means that they would insure almost all of the house, and you would need to have very accurate records of what you had inside, because the insurance company would insure the cost of the items in today’s market if they were new. If you live in Missouri, you can check out Ballwin MO home insurance.


In conclusion, this article touched upon two different types of insurance, personal and homeowner’s. Personal insurance has to do more with your health and the implications it has upon your life, with five different types of insurance covering health, critical illnesses, disability, long-term, and life insurance. Homeowner’s insurance not only covers the house itself, but it also covers the items you had inside. If you don’t have either of these insurances, we recommend you get them sooner than later. For homeowner’s insurance, make sure you take a video or pictures of everything inside your home so that you can be prepared better.

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Do you Need a Personal Injury Lawyer to Handle Your Case

Against the advice of your friends and family, you’ve decided to handle your own personal injury case and settle the claim. However, you soon realize that the insurance company and the other side do not have your best interest at heart. You find it difficult to settle the claim because the opposing side refuses to give you a reasonable offer. Residents in Kansas MO, this is a sign that you require a personal injury attorney Kansas City MO firm to help with your personal injury claim. Don’t neglect this fact because it could cost your money.
What Is A Personal Injury Lawyer

personal injury lawyer provides their legal services to individuals that were injured due to the negligent actions of another person, government agency, or company. Personal injury lawyers practice in the area that is called Tort. Tort law involves a wrongful act that was done to a person and is a civil matter, involving monetary or non-monetary actions. The personal injury lawyer’s role is to make sure that their client is protected in a court of law and receives full compensation for their injuries.

Top Reasons To Hire A Personal Injury Lawyer

The fact is that anyone that has suffered a serious injury requires the services of a personal injury lawyer. The personal injury lawyer will take a great deal of the stress off the litigant’s shoulders by providing them with their legal expertise to make sure the claimant receives full compensation for their injuries. The insurance companies and other litigants are going to try their best to make sure the claimant receives minimal compensation for their claim. A personal injury lawyer understands the law and the method to make sure that their client receives true justice and compensation.

Insurance Company Refusal

One issue that an injured party might face is that the insurance company refuses to pay for the injuries that they suffered in the personal injury claim. This might be due to an auto accident, motorcycle accident, slip and fall, injury at work, and more. The insurance company simply refuses to pay on some confusing legal grounds. A personal injury attorney will come to the rescue and assist you with negotiating a satisfactory compensation for the claim.

Serious Injuries

Certainly, if you suffered a serious injury that resulted in losing your job because the injuries were permanent, you need a legal representative that understands personal injury lawyer to handle your claim in court. The fact is that most insurance companies will try to pay you the smallest amount of compensation possible, even for a permanent injury. The personal injury lawyer will work diligently to make sure you receive the full amount of compensation.

If you received a physical injury that was due to the neglect of another person, company, government agency, or company, you require the services of a legal professional to handle your case in court. This is the only want to make sure that you receive full compensation for your injuries.

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Why You Should Hire a Public Loss Adjuster when You File an Insurance Claim

A relatively new service is that of public loss adjusters, but their popularity is growing among those who need to file insurance claims. From business owners to homeowners, public loss adjusters provide a whole a host of benefits to those struggling to recover their losses.

What is a Public Insurance Adjuster?

It should first be pointed out that an insurance loss consulting Miami FL service isn’t needed in every circumstance. If you’re filing a claim and you feel the insurance company’s own adjuster is impartial and treating you with fairness, there’s no reason to hire an additional public adjuster. Most people are happy with the claims process and don’t feel the need to dispute the adjuster’s findings.

However, sometimes, the insurance adjuster isn’t communicating with the claimant, which raises suspicions that he or she isn’t being treated fairly. In that case, hiring a public loss adjuster may be in the individual’s best interests. This is especially true when the claim concerns substantial losses that the adjuster might be motivated to mitigate on behalf of the insurance company.

Even if you don’t hire a loss adjuster to work on your behalf at the beginning of the claims process, you may choose to consult with one later. If the insurance company’s adjuster submits an unfavorable decision to the insurance company, the claimant may then decide to bring in a public loss adjuster to evaluate the claim and the first adjuster’s decision. The public loss adjuster can look at everything after the fact to see if the insurance company reached an unfair determination.

Three Reasons to Hire a Public Loss Adjuster

  1. Increase Your Settlement – Insurance companies don’t really want to pay out on a claim, so they’re going to look for ways to save as much money as possible. This means getting your property back to its previous state as inexpensively as possible. Sometimes, that means relying on estimates from contractors who can do the work for less money but may provide a lower quality of service. A public loss adjuster can help ensure you get what you deserve, which will undoubtedly be more than the initial settlement offer from the insurance company.
  2. The Public Adjuster Works on a Commission – Much like a personal injury attorney, a loss adjuster works on a contingency, which means he receives a small percentage of the claim he earns for the claimant. This helps by eliminating upfront costs and ensures the adjuster will work hard to maximize his earnings. You will have to check with the specific service to determine the exact terms of payment for the adjuster you hire.
  3. Emotional Relief – Filing a claim for losses can be emotional for a number of reasons. While dealing with an insurance company in trying to receive coverage for damages is emotional in itself, there’s also the grief of the initial loss. The property owner or business owner isn’t in his usual frame of mind, so having a detached professional to help the process along can be the best reason of all to hire a loss adjuster. They can take over much of the work, limiting the time you’ll have to spend dealing with the insurance company’s own adjuster.

Choosing to hire a public loss adjuster is something each person must decide based on his or her own needs. Certainly, it’s a service that can help you make sure you receive a fair settlement, but, if you have confidence in your insurer, you may not need the added security a public loss adjuster provides. It depends on each individual situation.…

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