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How To Start a Lawn Care Business

Whether starting a lawn care business is a job for a few years or you plan to grow your business into an empire, there are a few essentials you will need when starting out.

Determine What Services You Will Offer

In the beginning, you may only be a single person with one lawn mower and a weed eater, but as your business grows, you may be looking to offer additional services such as mulching, planting, hedge trimming, etc. Decide what you feel like you can handle and make sure you have the equipment for the job. If you have a few employees or co-owners of the business, it might be wise to investigate a utility trailer rental Pacific WA so that you can carry all your lawn equipment efficiently. The more equipment you can take with you, the more services you can offer.

Purchase Insurance

For a solo business, you’ll need general liability insurance in case a customer gets hurt on a piece of your equipment or you accidentally damage the customer’s property. Even a small rock thrown off a lawn mower blade can break a window or dent a car. If you plan to hire helpers, it’s also important to get workers’ compensation insurance in case they get hurt on the job.

Advertise Your Business

You don’t necessarily need a huge budget to advertise your services. Post information about your business on local Facebook or Nextdoor groups. Whenever you cut someone’s lawn, hand out flyers up and down the block so that neighbors who see you working will be able to get in touch with you. Buy a magnetic sign for your truck with your name and number on it. Once you’ve worked on someone’s lawn, be sure to follow with them by offering a weekly service. Word of mouth is a great way to expand your business as well.

Lawn care businesses are plenty of hard work, but they also offer you flexibility. You can set the days you work and the number of customers you accept allowing you to grow your business on your own schedule.…

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Windshield Replacement Versus Repair

If you have a chip or crack in your windshield, you may think you need to immediately replace it. Before you start searching for same day auto glass repair St. Louis, you should know the general rules on replacing versus repairing your auto glass.

Location of the Damage

It is vital that the driver’s vision not be impaired, and even the smallest chip can affect a driver’s vision. If any windshield damage is in the driver’s view, the glass should be completely replaced. You may think that a small chip could be repaired rather than replaced, but these repairs often leave marks, which can obstruct the view. Therefore, if the damage obstructs the vision of the driver, get the windshield replaced.

Amount of Damage

You may see several chips in your windshield and think it needs to be replaced because of the number of imperfections. However, this may not be the case. If these chips are not in the driver’s view and are small enough, they can often be repaired rather than replaced. However, if the glass has more than three small imperfections or chips, you should replace the entire windshield because your window is compromised and more prone to shattering.

Size of the Damage

Small chips can be repaired. In fact, even small cracks, those that are smaller than a dollar bill, can often be repaired. However, if cracks or chips are located near the seal, especially in the corners, they are difficult to repair properly and may require a replacement. .

Larger damage is more difficult to repair and may affect the integrity of the repair and the windshield itself. Therefore, if you have a large crack, even if it doesn’t disrupt the driver’s vision, your windshield should be replaced.

If you are unsure if your windshield needs replacement or repair, consider consulting with an auto glass specialist.…

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Top Contenders for Company Cars

Company-owned vehicles are not only convenient for employees, they also provide tax write-offs and advertising opportunities for a business. When deciding what type of vehicle to purchase, it’s tempting to choose the cheapest option. However, it is better to find a balance between quality and price, especially if the vehicle has your company logo on the door.


SUVs are a great choice for company vehicles if you need space to carry tools or products. The 2021 Honda Passport has 2 rows of seats and an impressive standard interior package, including an 8-inch touch screen. It has a powerful V6 engine that will get you where you need to go quickly. This SUV also comes with lane assist technology that will alert the driver if the vehicle crosses a traffic lane. Check with your commercial auto insurance Anchorage AK to see if the safety features earn you a discount.

Compact Car

The 2021 Kia Forte has one of the lowest base prices compared to others of similar size. It is extremely efficient, getting 31 mpg in the city and 41 mpg on the highway. You will not have to sacrifice comfort in this car. The back seat is large enough for adults and the trunk is spacious. This car even comes with some safety features including automatic emergency braking.

Hybrid Vehicle

Toyota is all in when it comes to hybrid vehicles. Electric and hybrid cars are not going anywhere, and Toyota prides itself on being ahead of the curve. Toyota hybrids provide the dependability you can rely on and the fuel efficiency you would expect.

The 2021 Toyota Corolla Hybrid has one of the lowest base prices for a hybrid model and still boasts impressive features, such as collision warnings, traffic sign recognition, and steering assist. If you want an SUV, then the 2021 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid will give you plenty of cargo space. This SUV gets an impressive 41 mpg in the city. It also offers 5 USB ports.…

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4 Tips To Extend the Life of Your Car

If you’re like most people, you love your car and can’t bear to see anything happen to it. Being proactive when it comes to routine car care prevents major repairs down the road. Here are four useful tips that will extend the life of your car.

Get Regular Oil Changes

Whatever you do, never put off changing the oil. Every 5,000 miles or so, call for an appointment at an auto repair shop Issaquah WA for an oil and filter change. Oil protects your car’s engine and by regularly changing it, you’ll avoid an expensive repair.

Always Park in the Shade

If you’re not able to park in a garage, always try to park your car in the shade. Leaving your vehicle out in the sun every day will eventually lead to faded paint and possible blistering. Parking in the shade also prevents your dash and interior leather from drying and cracking.

Rotate Your Tires

New tires can be expensive, so get all you can out of your current ones. Tires tend to wear at different rates, so rotating them will even it out. This allows you to get much more use out of them and makes for a smoother ride. Try to rotate tires every 3,000-5,000 miles, or when you change your oil.

Keep Your Battery Clean

Few things are worse than getting stuck with a dead car battery. To make sure that doesn’t happen, check your battery frequently. Inspect it for cracking, bulging and use a wire brush to remove any caked-on debris from the terminals.

Pay Attention to Basics

Whether your car is new or used, you want to keep it as long as you can. Never ignore regular oil changes, tire rotations or battery check-ups. By paying attention to basic maintenance, your car will look and feel great for years to come.…