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Closing the Old Chapters

It is never easy to come in terms with the end of something good that happened in your lifetime. Grief comes in so many forms and it could be caused by all kinds of tragedies, break-ups, or misfortunes that happens within the span of your existence. It could even make you doubtful of your own existence in this world.

All you need to do when you are stuck in this situation is to find the appropriate conclusion for that part of your life. This would grant you a whole new perspective in life, as there are better days ahead, always and forever. Now, how do you get closure?

The first good advice for you is to ask yourself of the insecurities and truths that had happened in that chapter of your life. Is it really necessary to hold on to this pain that you have been feeling? Are the tears worth every moment for you to hold onto something that may not return in your life? Are you fearful of the future now that this certain person or thing is gone? You could come up with as much questions as you like, as long as you face them head on, then that could provide you a sense of realization and closure to your feelings. This is a critical phase as it would determine the truth of the whole situation. By then, you don’t have to think about that heartbreak, as everything is said and done. All you have to do is look forward from now on.

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If you still don’t feel well, then just let it all out. Whether you cry or lash out, it is a good feeling to have those things released and set free from your body. Although, some people learn to block off these emotions because of that present fear that they could be potentially adding another fatality to their life. If you do not cry or isolate yourself for the moment, then you won’t learn how to move on from the problem. You could never move on to something that precious that fast. It is okay to give it some time. If you are having problems confronting these emotions by yourself, then there is no harm in calling an expert or professional in helping you cope with your current state.

This time, you could focus on having yourself be a better person after that situation. Don’t be dictated by what people see that is desirable in you. Always be that person that knows what he or she wants. Be the higher person, and focus on the things that matter to you at that moment. Also, make sure that you are surrounded by family and friends that love you, as they are your support system in your endeavors.

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