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3 Storage Options for Movers

One of the toughest challenges for movers is figuring out what to do with all of their stuff. Consider these three storage options. 3 Storage Options for Movers:

1. Mobile Storage

Renting a mobile storage container Casper WY has the benefit of being able to pack up all of your items at your existing location and then move the whole container to your new location, where you can then either unpack your stuff or leave it in the storage container. This can save you the hassle of having to put items in a storage facility and then take them out and either move them to your new home or a new storage facility.

2. Self-Storage Units

Self-serve storage units are secure and affordable options for many movers. These units can be particularly useful for movers who will experience a gap between the move-out date at their current residence and the move-in date at their new residence. Storage units can also come in handy for movers who are downsizing and have not yet figured out what to do with the stuff that will not fit in their new, smaller home.

3. Concierge Storage

Concierge storage is similar to self-storage units, except that instead of packing and moving everything yourself, you are paying someone else to do that part for you. It is the storage equivalent of hiring full-service movers, instead of renting a U-Haul. These services will also deliver items to you as needed, so you do not even have to drive to the storage unit to retrieve anything. This is probably the easiest storage option, but also the most expensive. Additionally, while delivery can be convenient, it restricts you from accessing your items outside delivery hours.

Finding a place to store your stuff during a move can be a challenge. One of these three options can make your move easier.