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Distribution Center Efficiency Tips

For those who operate a distribution center, efficiency is key. You cannot expect to have a successful center if there is no productivity. Here are three areas that can help raise your efficiency levels.


One of the best ways to utilize both time and energy is to schedule shipments to arrive simultaneously. When the same things are happening at once, workers are already in place and proper equipment has already been prepared. Once the process has begun, things can run smoother without interruptions which leads to better efficiency. Whether you are working with corporate drivers or someone that works for local loads for trucks, try establishing the same time arrival schedule with everyone.


Your workers like to know when they are doing something right and appreciate being told they are doing a good job. When you praise their efforts, they are more likely to do an even better job because of the recognition you gave them. Offering incentives can also boost morale and turn the efficiency rates to sky-high levels.


If you continually keep an eye on your center, you will able to see what needs to be changed and what should continue as it is. Things are not always the same and some procedures may not always work. In order to keep things running the best way you know how to, periodically review the way things are going. If changes need to occur, don’t be afraid to switch things up to make things better. Trying new things should not be qualified as a bad thing, just make sure you are aware of what the new policies and procedures are doing to the venter.

If you want your center to see success, the output should be the best that there is. Trying some of these ideas can ensure you are putting it all out there.