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Leasing a Boat Slip in Myrtle Beach

Storage is one of the most commonly overlooked logistical aspects when people are giving thought to buying a boat. Keeping your boat on your property may make getting to the water problematic, and it may be impermissible in certain areas or HOAs. Leasing a boat slip may be the easiest and safest way to have ready access to the water. When you’re evaluating the cost of storing your boat in a marina, there are a few important lease terms that you should consider.

Your Rent May Depend on the Size of Your Vessel

Many marinas charge a flat fee based on the size of a slip, but it is also common practice for Myrtle Beach marinas to charge rents based on the size of a vessel. In this case, your rent will be equivalent to a fixed amount multiplied by the linear square footage of your vessel. Many rental agreements prohibit storing more than one vessel per slip, but those that do will likely charge you based on the sum footage of both vessels.

You May Need to Obtain or Add to Insurance

A marina may require you to insure your boat with a specified level of coverage. In addition, it may request that you provide a certificate of insurance listing the marina as an additional insured or an interested party. For help with boat insurance Myrtle Beach SC, reach out to an insurance company that is experienced in serving clients in your area and can help you get a competitively priced policy.

You May Be Required to Take Immediate Measures in Advance of a Weather Emergency

Leasing a space in a marina may obligate you to move your vessel or take special steps to secure it if the region is put on notice of an impending hurricane or tropical storm. If you are unable to take action, a marina may act on your behalf and charge you for its services.