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Setting Your Kiddo up For Success in Pre-K

Setting our little ones out on their own pre-kindergarten adventure can be an exciting time for both parents and children; however, this is also a big step. Sometimes this chapter is a bigger leap for the parent than the child. If you are worried about setting up your child for success, be mindful of these three factors and your child will likely soar through this next big step.

Get Excited

Starting pre-k tampa is such an exhilarating time in our little one’s lives. The idea of going to school can be simultaneously exciting and terrifying, but by this age, your child may start to pick up on your mood and behavior. This makes it critically important for you to be as excited as they are about pre-k. If you show apprehension and anxiety, your child will likely pick up on this and can trigger their fears, so channel that energy into excitement.

Separation Anxiety

It is not uncommon at this age to experience separation anxiety for both the parent and child. While this transition may be difficult for both of you, know that you will both be stronger and happier once you get over this hurdle and you will be better for it. Take time to regroup if you are experiencing separation and utilize some self-care.

Promote Independence

Your little one may be expressing a desire to step out on their own for the first time. When starting pre-k, it is important that you take steps to promote their independence, both at home and at school. They will begin to venture out into their worlds to try new things and explore on their own, so you must begin to support and encourage those efforts so that they can learn how to gain confidence and self-assurance.

Starting school is such a pivotal moment for parents and child. The transition to school can be a huge adjustment and it is expected to have growing pains. By preparing both yourself and your child for this big step, you can both enjoy this experience so much more and reduce some stress.