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3 Benefits of Concrete Parking Curbs

Although parking curbs can seem such a normal part of city life, nevertheless it takes planning and implementation to ensure that the parking curbs edging buildings and streets get placed in appropriate locations. When parking curbs exist where needed, they help provide three critical benefits to city streets’ traffic flow and correct function.

1. Street Water Collection

Many modern city streets have a slight curve built into the structures, featuring higher center apexes of the roads and lower edges. The curved aspect of the street enables rainwater and other liquids to flow down from the centers of the streets toward the edges, then follow the curb boundaries down to the street drains. The specialized water collection system helps keep streets drier and prevents excess moisture from damaging the streets’ surfaces.

2. Demarcated Street Borders

When business owners, principals of schools and city street or transportation department heads look for concrete curbing contractors near me Shreveport and other city building owners and managers often take this step to seek help with outlining the borders of the streets near their primary buildings. The curbs help improve traffic control as cars follow the curb edge along the correct route down the roadway. In addition, curbs increase safety because they separate foot traffic areas on the sidewalk from the roads with vehicle traffic.

3. Improved Pavement Durability

Concrete sidewalk curbs and pavement often get created in several layers of materials. If the layers get left without any edging, they can become separated, causing safety hazards due to the uneven surfaces created. However, the pavement layers can use the adhesion and weight of concrete curbing to help hold the layers in the proper position, thereby increasing street durability.

Concrete curbs offer better water movement, greater safety and enhanced traffic flow. In addition, cities experience improved pavement longevity on city streets due to curb placement. Curbs may seem commonplace, but they serve many valuable functions in helping a municipality to operate at full service.