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3 Guidelines for Staying Safe During a Blizzard

You never know when a blizzard will hit, so it’s important to be prepared for anything that comes your way. Here are some tips on how to stay safe during a snowstorm.

Stay Inside

One of the most important things you can do during a blizzard is to stay inside. Make sure that you buy important supplies such as food, water and toiletries before the storm hits so that you don’t have to go outside during the storm and risk possible damage to you or your vehicle’s auto glass St. Tammany Parish LA. Although you may often rely on takeout for meals, this luxury probably won’t be available during a storm. However, staying inside gives you the perfect opportunity to try a new recipe or watch one of your favorite movies.

Prepare for a Power Outage

Unfortunately, power outages are common occurrences during snowstorms. Be sure to back up all of the files on your computer, as a power outage can cause your computer to shut down without warning and erase any unsaved data. In the event of a power outage, it’s also important to use a flashlight rather than candles. Candles are a fire hazard, especially if you live with children or pets. On a similar note, refrain from using a generator inside, as it can create toxic fumes.

Look Out for Signs of Hypothermia or Frostbite

Some common symptoms of hypothermia include confusion, slurred speech, shallow breathing and a change in skin color, while some symptoms of frostbite are pins and needles, waxy-looking skin and muscle stiffness. Hypothermia and frostbite are potentially serious conditions, so it’s important to recognize the warning signs and seek medical attention if necessary.

While a snowstorm can be an exciting event, don’t underestimate its power to cause destruction. Following these tips can help you stay safe during a blizzard.