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3 Steps to Take When Your Tractor Trailer Breaks Down

For over-the-road truck drivers, breaking down on the road with a full load and a deadline to meet is among the worst things that can happen. Often, the first question drivers ask themselves in this situation is: “Where can I find truck road service near me?”

While getting back on the road as fast as possible is top of mind, there are other factors that should be kept in mind, as well. Following 3 basic steps will help satisfy all these concerns.

Make Safety a Priority

Among the first steps to take to protect the safety of you and others on the road is to try to move your truck to a safe place. It may be necessary to call an emergency road service to help you do this. Setting up your reflective gear and turning your hazard lights on are the immediate next steps.

Staying in your truck to wait for the repair service is your best option. Staying outside of the truck is not recommended. Depending on how long the repair may take, you may want to find a truck stop, restaurant or some other public place to wait while the work is completed.

Notify the Load Recipient

This is a must, especially if your timeline is very tight. This will enable your customer to take any action necessary to mitigate damage on that end.

Minimize Risk of Breakdown in Future

No one ever plans for a breakdown on the road. No matter how much pre-planning is done, some breakdowns are inevitable. However, technology makes it possible to be prepared to get back on the road as soon as possible. Finding an app that makes it as quick as a click of a button to get service in route will help you minimize lost time on the road.

These three steps will help make an unexpected breakdown cause as little disruption as possible and keep you safe.