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3 Tips for new Boat Owners

As a new boat owner in the great state of Maine, you have much to anticipate and enjoy. Sailing the open waters in your own marine vessel provides an exhilarating feeling of freedom. Here are three tips for new boat owners.

Buy Insurance

Just as you must insure your road vehicle, you also must buy protection for your marine vessel. There are different types of boat insurance, but professional agents can help you choose the right coverage for your situation. For example, in addition to basic liability protection, you may also benefit from plans including removal of wreckage and compensation for environmental damage.

Get Licensed

Again, just as you need a drivers license on land, you need to be licensed for operating a boat. You must obtain a Maine contractor license in order to sail legally. There are established steps to follow.

Choose Storage

As a new boat owner, you must decide how you will store your vessel. There are several options.

  • Dry storage outside
  • Dry storage inside
  • On-water storage

Dry storage is a popular option for many boaters, and it is a fairly secure choice. There are probably multiple storage options near you. Your best choice depends on several factors, including  cost. If you choose dry storage, you will need a trailer.

Stay Safe

For the safety of yourself, your passengers, and all others on the water, learn established safety protocols. As a new boat owner, you will have to learn the rules of the water just as you learned the rules of the road. In addition to operational and navigational safety, learn about personal protective devices for people and pets, marine first aid techniques, and weather preparation.

Sailing Safely

Smooth sailing is easy when you plan and take the proper steps. Get licensed and insured, and then learn about necessary safety rules and practices. Just as you studied and practiced to become a responsible driver, you must take your role as a boat owner just as seriously. You will be rewarded with an enduring feeling of independence that is immensely rewarding.