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4 Signs That You Need To Call a Mechanic Right Now

Are you paying attention to what your car is trying to tell you? Be there for your car, and it will be there for you.

1. The Brakes Are Squeaking

One of your automobile’s most important components is also one of the most overlooked: the brake system. It is easy to forget that you should replace the brake pads about every 30,000 miles (depending on your vehicle).

You can tell that your brakes need to be serviced when you hear a squeaking sound upon hitting the brake pedal. A grinding noise is a sign that your brakes have worn out to a dangerous level and need immediate auto repair Mountlake Terrace WA.

2. The Check Engine Light Is On

A yellow or amber-colored check engine light could signify one or more of a myriad of issues. A flashing red check engine light usually means that the problem is severe. A professional will need to diagnose and fix the problem. Ignoring this light could cause significant damage to multiple parts of your vehicle.

3. You See Smoke

Smoke does not necessarily indicate that your car is on fire, although you should stay clear of the vehicle in case a fire develops. The color of the smoke may give you a hint as to what the problem may be. For example, black or blue smoke may mean that there is a problem with leaking oil. No matter what the smoke looks like, contact a repair shop promptly.

4. There Is Fluid Leaking From the Vehicle

Make a habit of checking underneath your car even before you get in so that you can see if there are pools of liquid present. If you are using the air conditioner, then it is normal to see water on the ground below it. Any other colored fluid suggests that there may be a serious issue with your car.