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5 Ways to Save Big on Your Kitchen Design Project

5 Ways to Save Big on Your Kitchen Design Project

Saving money on your kitchen design project is in everyone’s interests. Interior designs in the kitchen can easily get pricey, that’s why it’s a good idea to add a few money savings features to your kitchen design budget. By using these top five money saving tips for your kitchen, you can be sure you’ll get a kitchen design you’ll love and at a price you can afford.

Cost Breakdown List

A breakdown list of your materials, tools and labor costs can help you to define your budget. A better budget can mean you’ll get the most savings out of your kitchen design ideas. With a cost breakdown list you’ll also better be able to make changes during the project if you don’t like certain aspects of your design theme as you’re working on the project.


When renovating a kitchen space, many homeowners decide on extending their kitchen space to fit new appliances and other kitchen goodies. By adding additional square footage to your kitchen design, you also add big bucks to the overall cost of the project. Instead of adding space to make your kitchen better, add more efficient appliances and kitchen equipment to save money on your kitchen remodeling project.

Natural Lighting

Kitchen spaces often work best when lighting is natural. But installing a new bay window or French doors in the kitchen can be a budget busting interior design project. Instead of installing expensive new windows, opt out for a solar tube. A solar tube is an affordable skylight that can be installed nearly anywhere in the home. A reflective tube can be angled around rafters and other attic equipment without sacrificing on lumens.

Recycled Materials

Choosing kitchen materials that are slightly used or recycled can help you save big bucks on your kitchen design options. Your interior design ideas can actually be extended when you visit a used building materials supply store by allowing you to find materials you might not have thought of to use. Be sure to measure each object before you purchase it to ensure it will fit in your new kitchen design.

DIY Demolition

When hiring a contractor to remodel your kitchen, you can save money by doing some of the demolition work yourself. Many demo projects are easy enough for most homeowners and can help to save money on your kitchen remodeling project. Be sure to hire a contractor who will work with you on your overall kitchen remodeling costs.