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Are You Designing A Kitchen For More Than One Cook?

Are You Designing A Kitchen For More Than One Cook?

Are you designing a kitchen that will be used by more than one person? If so, you might want to consider implementing an ergonomic kitchen design. Not only will this help make the kitchen safer and easier for all to use, but keeping ergonomics in mind also makes designing a kitchen for more than one cook a snap.

After all, if careful attention is paid to making the kitchen easy to use, anyone who decides to whip up a meal in the kitchen will find it easy to locate and to use the necessary tools, food and equipment.

The best part about designing a kitchen for more than one cook with an ergonomic design is that it is a relatively simple process. Here are a few ideas to implement when creating an ergonomic kitchen for more than one person:

Differ the counter heights

The standard counter height is 36 inches, but creating counter heights of differing levels will provide space where all cooks can work without having to bend excessively or stand on their tiptoes.

Think ahead about storage

Heavy items should be stored between hip and shoulder height in order to prevent over-stretching. Medium-weight items should be stored below the heaviest items, while the lightest items should be placed in the storage space below the knees or above eye level.

Make storage more accessible

Installing pull-down shelf mechanisms will allow all of the cooks in the kitchen to more easily access items stored in high cabinets. Pullout shelves installed in base cabinets will also make it easier for every cook to access those items that are placed in the back of the cabinet without needing to bend excessively.

Install a cook-top and wall oven

When installing a freestanding range, you have no choice regarding the height. With a cook-top and wall oven, you have the freedom to place both items in an area that is easier for all of the cooks to access.

Install a bottom-freezer refrigerator

By installing a bottom-freezer refrigerator, you can keep the items in the refrigerator more accessible. Since these items are typically accessed more than those within the refrigerator, keeping them at a higher level reduces the amount of bending you and other cooks need to do.

With the help of these simple ergonomic kitchen design tips, every cook who enters your kitchen should have no problem accessing everything needed to make a great meal!