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Colorful Kitchen Accents

Colorful Kitchen Accents

Color schemes are a basic, but key element of a kitchen remodel. Finding innovative, cheap ways to apply a color scheme to your kitchen design ideas can be fun and easy if you know what to be looking for. There are ways to accent the colors you have chosen through small, artistic additions. Here, I have highlighted a few ideas of things to use to accent your kitchen’s color scheme.

Colored containers

Hand-painted storage boxes and tastefully tinted countertop canisters can help to bring out subtle undertones in your kitchen’s color scheme; if your walls are gold with a cream trim, having countertop storage with a hint of cream accompanied by varying shades of yellows and gold is a great way to tie the room together. Whatever color you decide to accent with, be sure you continue to accent with that color or ones close in range throughout your kitchen. This will give a subtle, warm feeling of color splashes throughout the room without over doing it.

Stylish stencils

Another way to accent and add some country-kitchen warmth is to use stencils. Maybe you want to be able to tie in some red with your gold and cream color scheme. Stenciling a small, but tasteful red border around the baseboard of your walls would be an excellent way to subtly add a splash of red to the room. With stencils, it is safe to go with bold, contrasting colors but to keep it small- this way the accent stands out, but doesn’t overwhelm.

Wall stencils come in a wide variety of shapes and themes, so picking one that suits your kitchen design ideas shouldn’t be too hard. If you are feeling extra creative you could even make your own. Regardless of what you decide to do, wall stencils are a cheap and creative way to add a splash of color to your kitchen remodel.

Pretty pottery

If you have plants in your kitchen, you may want to consider updating their pots as a means for additional accents. Maybe you can stencil the existing pots, or perhaps you just want to buy new pots all together. If you don’t have plants, then replacing other functional containers with accented pottery can work too. For example, it is common to keep serving spoons and spatulas in a jar near the stove; instead of that jar you could have a beautiful pottery vase with hints of your kitchen color scheme on it. Functional and artistic pottery can give your kitchen design ideas a warm and rustic feel, with minimal hassle and on a limited budget.