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Creating A Kitchen Design

Creating A Kitchen Design

When planning for a kitchen remodel there are many things to consider: space, color, new appliances, moving walls, material’s (granite, tile, types of wood). There can really be no peace in ones head when they decide to undergo the process. That is unless you look at the heart of the matter.

The fastest way to simplify and at the same time get the most out of your mew kitchen design is to make a list of the things you want from your new kitchen. And then whittle this list down to 4 main things. This will force you to focus on the things that really matter. It may take a while for you to reconfigure the plan in your mind but in the end the things that are really the most important will keep popping up in the plan.

In light of this you can see that design and space is of no concern at all if you first find the priorities of what you want to achieve. Then design and space will factor heavily. For example: Often times people will want more counter space. The lay persons solution to this is to extend the kitchen into another room or remove a wall. This concept of insufficient counter space is often due to the person naturally working outside of the natural work triangle. Almost any kitchen will have a natural work triangle. Making this area more efficient and accessible is often less expensive than tearing out a room or wall. The point here is that if that is all someone really cares about then it would be unwise to spend $20k on rebuilding the whole room. I have often suggested moving the fridge sink and work triangle across the bar (often removing a wall). Removing wall is much less expensive than moving walls over and redoing all the cabinets. Bottom line is that it is all about what the person is really trying to accomplish. Achieving this without the added ideas of new everything will be the most rewarding.

Discussing the needs with a professional designer can go a long way to digging up some really smart decisions.