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Decorating With Red Kitchen Accessories

Decorating With Red Kitchen Accessories

Red kitchen accessories make a big impact in your space. This is a chance to really decorate with a bold color but still ensure that it’s easy to live with.

You can really use red kitchen accessories to take typical themes into unexpected areas. This is a way to add a dramatic touch to a tropical theme while removing the kitschy elements. You could just spray paint a few palm fronds red. You could also use this as a stencil on a canvas. This is going to give you modern artwork that’s going to be a lot cooler than typical palm tree wallpaper border. Using this color is going to make almost any motif seem more daring and modern.

Since this is such a daring color you might want to really consider going with traditional items. This could include porcelain canister sets. You could even bring this onto your drawer pulls if you went with an amber version. This will have orange in it as well and it will coordinate back with the wood cabinets that you have in your room. You can also just use glass vases to really break up a traditional china display. The silhouette of the red vase is what is important. More modern vases are cylindrical while traditional vases have more grooves and patterns. This is going to feature an hourglass kind of shape. Modern vases can also be square.

An unexpected direction that you can take this into is going to use more of a vintage kind of vibe. Look for plain white tea towels that you can monogram or embroider. You can also find a lot of fun patterns like red and white polka dot plates. You could even paint canvases with this motif quite simply. This is really going to stand out in a basic white kitchen but instantly adds a lot of character.