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Design Your Own Kitchen – Create Your Dream Kitchen All by Yourself

Design Your Own Kitchen – Create Your Dream Kitchen All by Yourself

Designing your own kitchen is now as easy as 1-2-3! By using computer-based design software, you can create an accurate, graphic illustration of how your kitchen will look using your own design ideas. The software allows you to make changes with just a click of the mouse.

As the kitchen is the heart of many homes, a perfectly thought out and built kitchen can add more value to your home at sale time. One of the many remarkable features offered by the kitchen software program is that it gives you or your client the ability to view the finished kitchen from virtually any angle. This allows both planner and the homeowner to gain a whole new perspective on their new kitchen.

By using the design software you’ll be able to create that perfect kitchen you’ve been dreaming of!

With the easy to use range of features, you’re sure to be able to create a design that suits you. The design software allows you the freedom of altering and re-positioning your layout, design or products, as well as changing worktops and all other fittings and fixtures, until you are truly happy with you design.

With the use of the kitchen design software you will be able to freely decide on the look and feel of your new kitchen, and be assured that the design will meet your or your family’s own specifications.

By using this software you are not constrained by the suggestions made by some kitchen planners or manufacturers who don’t have a proper understanding of your needs or vision.

Common Kitchen Forms:

A single file kitchen has all the units along one wall. This is usually the solution for small spaces.

The galley or corridor type of kitchen has two rows of cabinets at opposite walls, one containing the stove and the sink, the other the fridge and other appliances. This is considered to be the classical work kitchen.

In an L-kitchen, the cabinets occupy two adjacent walls, the work triangle is preserved, and there may even be space for an additional table.

A U-kitchen has cabinets along three walls, typically with the sink at the base of the “U”. This is a typical work kitchen for most designers and homeowners.

The block kitchen is a recent development, typically found in open-plan kitchens. It has a freestanding island and allows more space for movement, especially when there’s more than one person cooking at the same time.

You can design your own kitchen with the use of Do-It-Yourself design software, which you can download for free from some websites. Take a tour and be inspired to try and do it your way!

Some Useful Tips for Kitchen Design

Plan the main working areas such as the sink, food preparation counter or table so that they are close together.

If you decide on a two-way galley kitchen, make sure you measure the size of the kitchen and the exact shape of the walls, so as to leave enough walking space between the two galleys.

If choosing a U-shaped kitchen, consider the floor space you will have left and consider using one of the legs of the ‘U’ as a breakfast bar or a working table.

Create more head space by making the wall-cupboards taller, rather than having them protruding outwards as this will also make the kitchen look wider. Storage for heavy items in the cupboards should be underneath the worktop.

To create more order, use special drawer organizers. Store your utensils near to where you are most likely to use them as this way they will be within easy reach.

Keep your worktop clutter-free for a tidy look. This will make your kitchen more efficient.

Ultimately it’s you who is going to be spending all the time in the kitchen so why not design your own kitchen – that kitchen you’ve been dreaming of for all your life.