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Energy Efficient Ways to Cool Your Home

When the weather warms up, the cost to keep your home cool and comfortable can sky rocket. In addition to the extra money, running your air conditioning system at full blast can also waste valuable energy. Fortunately, there are many simple yet effective ways to keep your home cooler in the summer months.

Start With the Windows

Consider a commercial window tinting denton to help filter out the sun’s hot rays. In addition, choose window treatments that completely cover the openings and are easy to use for convenience. These types of treatments are also useful in winter months, as they help block out the cold air during that season. Finally, don’t be afraid to open those windows in the evening when the air is cooler. The circulation can lower the temperature without having to turn on the AC.

Look Up

Even energy-efficient lighting can still generate heat. Unless you actively need them, keep your lights turned off. In addition, consider having ceiling fans installed. These are more effective than portable options at moving fresh air throughout your home to keep it cool.

Check Your Seals

Old, damaged or faulty seals around windows and doors can cost you a fortune in energy bills. However, this is a simple fix that can have a huge impact in keeping your indoor temperature regulated. To test your seals, use a lighter or match to place a flame near the seals. If the light flickers, that signifies moving air, which means you may have some air leaks that should be repaired. Whether you hire a pro or replace them yourself, this is a cost-effective repair that can make one of the biggest differences in helping you stay comfortable year-round.

Before you crank the AC this summer, consider these more energy-efficient alternatives to stay cool. You can save money and improve your home in the process.