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Garage Door Openers – Factors to Consider While Choosing a Remote

Garage Door Openers – Factors to Consider While Choosing a Remote

Once you have made the decision to either install an entirely new garage door system or add an automatic opener to an existing door, you need to consider what type of remote you need. There are a few factors to take into account when making your choice, including the needs, lifestyle, and habits of anyone who will be using the remotes.

Types of Controllers

There are a few different styles of remotes, and some come as part of a kit with automatic opener installations. You should buy others separately. The options include:

Keychain-style control

In-car sensors/transmitters

Fixed controls

Clicker & transmitter combo



It may seem a little silly at first, but considering the daily habits of yourself and your family members can be a huge help in deciding what type of remote option to go for and if you want to include any extras. For example, if you and your spouse are constantly misplacing your keys or keep your car key separate from your house key, going with a keychain controller is probably not your best option. It would be very inconvenient to be left without access to your home or garage if you forgot your keychain controller.

If you have a new driver in the home, perhaps a teenage son or daughter, you may be nervous about allowing them to use the garage door and would prefer they not have access to a controller. In this situation, a keychain might be your best option since you can simply not provide it to the driver without having to worry about removing anything from the vehicle.

The fixed control feature doesn’t come standard with every kit, but it can be useful to have installed on the interior of your garage. It’s a simple button that allows access without needing a separate controller. It can also be mounted on the exterior.


If security is a concern, you can opt for a keypad that requires you to enter a code for access. Some remotes also come with a light feature that allows you to control the interior lights as well as the opener, to ensure that you can safely exit your vehicle and enter your home once you have parked.

This is also useful if you are already inside and wish to turn the lights on (the lights typically automatically come on when the opener is activated and stay on for a set period of time).