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Get Your Own Designer Commercial Kitchen

Get Your Own Designer Commercial Kitchen

A commercial kitchen must be properly designed so that it has an efficient working. It must inculcate all necessary parameters of food safety. The design must be safe and equipments must be arranged in a proper way. The kitchen workers must be able to perform their work in an efficient and safe manner. Hygiene is an important requirement of any commercial kitchen.

All the necessary equipments for maintaining a proper hygiene must be provided in the kitchen. Chimneys must be provided in the kitchen for proper exhaust of smoke. The smoke must be properly removed from the kitchen. Excess smoke will pose health hazards to the workers. The commercial kitchen design must be approved by the necessary authorities. All the necessary approvals from the local council and health safety experts must be obtained. It is only after getting necessary approvals that the kitchen design can be implemented. A commercial kitchen must be airy and have proper ventilation.

A good architect must be designated for the purpose of designing a commercial kitchen. The designer must keep in mind the necessary safety and security parameters. Hygiene should be maintained at all cost as it affects the quality of food being served. Customer satisfaction is greatly dependent on the quality of food. A good quality and hygienic food can only be prepared in a hygienic kitchen.

Adequate number of wash basins must be provided. The wash basins must have a proper and continuous supply of hot and cold water. Sinks must be provided in adequate number. Importance must be given to the electrical requirements of the kitchen. The floor must be made of the material which is impervious. The floor must be made of non slip material. The walls should be covered with smooth, impervious material.

The kitchen equipment must be of good quality. The commercial kitchen design must be energy-efficient. Energy efficiency can be obtained by providing natural lighting arrangement and use of energy-efficient equipments. Some equipment like dish washer and dryer must be of required power rating only. The required power rating will depend on the amount of work that will be handled by the kitchen.

A large dish washer is required in case a large number of customers are to be served. Investments should be on the basis of the importance and requirement. The necessary equipments must be purchased first. Keeping the required budget is an important point to be kept in mind while designing. Kitchen shelves must also be properly designed. The number of shelves depends highly on the requirement of the commercial kitchen. The shelves made must be durable and should be easy to clean.

The kitchen floor must also be easy to clean and must be anti microbial. The kitchen floor must be able to handle heavy foot traffic. The design should inculcate all the necessary requirements for an efficient and safe working of the commercial kitchen.