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Great Tractor Attachments for Processing Hay

Whether you are just getting into farming or if you are a veteran farmer, it’s important to know which tractor attachments can help you out in the field. Below are some of the best tractor attachments to use when processing hay.

Disc Mowers

The first thing to do when harvesting hay is to cut it. A disc mower helps to make quick and easy work of this task. This attachment extends out to the side of the tractor and cuts the hay either to the right or left of the tractor (depending on the model). This can cut mowing times down dramatically, depending on what your old style of mowing was.

Round Balers

Before you can move hay bales, you’ve got to turn loose hay into bales. One of the best tractor attachments that can accomplish this job is a round baler. This attachment is added to the end of a tractor. As the tractor rolls over the hay, the hay enters the round baler device. The attachment then forms a round bale out of the hay, as the name implies.

Hay Bale Spears

Using a hay bale spear can help to make moving hay bales much easier. These spears, sometimes also referred to as hay bale spikes, stab into the hay bales to give added support while moving them. This is easier the trying to move the bales by hand or with a tractor without attachments. It’s fairly easy to find bale spears; simply search for “bale spear tractor supply” to find a tractor supply company near you.

The next time hay harvesting season comes around, consider investing in one of these tractor attachments to make the job a little easier. By doing this, you can save time and effort. All of this means that you can get your hay stored and sold faster than before!