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Helpful Tips to Improve Gas Station Safety

Having a strong security and safety plan in place for your gas station is your responsibility as the owner. However, this is also crucial for protecting your investment.

It’s important to understand, modern gas stations face more threats and operate in a more hazardous environment than many realize. From an increase in workplace violence to the continual danger of fire, you need to ensure your existing workplace safety strategy is prepared for an array of situations.

Unfortunately, if you are like many other gas station owners, you may not be as ready as you believe you are. Keep reading to see what steps you can take to improve overall gas station safety.

Basic Gas Station Safety

Before diving in deeper, you need to understand some of the most basic elements of gas station safety. These are often things you need to talk about with your gas station builders, but you can always go back and make improvements at any time.

Basic safety instructions include making sure all vehicles are turned off before being refueled and only using proper containers for storing or selling gas. It’s estimated there are over 7,000 fires at gas stations each year, so it’s necessary for you to train your staff and put up the proper warning signage to ensure your station doesn’t suffer this fate.

Tips for Developing a Strong Security Plan

It’s up to you to keep tabs on what’s going on. Remember, visibility is essential. You need to ensure that the windows are large enough for your staff to see what is going on at the pumps. It’s also a good idea to install security cameras to make all parts of the station visible at all times.

By using the tips and information here, you can ensure gas station safety for you, your staff, and your customers. Being informed ensures you won’t experience any serious accidents or injuries.