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6 Ways to Get Bitcoin

How to get Bitcoin is actually not that difficult. The important thing is to know how. Well, for those who don’t know it might be difficult. Especially if you don’t know it yet. Though the price of Bitcoin continues to soar. So if you can get a lot of Bitcoin, of course you can sell it at a high price too. For those of you who are learning to play cryptocurrency, especially Bitcoin, then this article is the right start. Because in the Androbuntu article this time I will give tips on how to get Bitcoin. But before starting to search for Bitcoin, make sure you already have a Bitcoin wallet. For the tutorial to make a Bitcoin wallet you can read in the previous Androbuntu article.

  1. How to get Bitcoin by buying it

If you are just starting to get to know Bitcoin, then the cheapest way to get it is to buy it. This is the easiest solution for those of you who are lazy to find Bitcoin hard on the internet. There are many websites that you can use to buy Bitcoin, one of them is https://bitpium.com/buy-bitcoins

  1. How to get Bitcoin with Mining (Mining)

In the world of Bitcoin, there are terms mining or mining. The task of the miners (Bitcoin miners) is to become a bridge between Bitcoin senders and recipients. Currently there are two options for mining Bitcoin. That is using its own hardware or renting hardware (termed cloud mining). Mining to get Bitcoin is only suitable for Androbuntu friends who have big capital. But the results obtained are also very satisfying.

  1. How to get Bitcoin with a Faucet

In the world of Bitcoin search there is a website called faucet. Faucet is a website that will give you a number of Bitcoins for free.

so, how it works you visit the faucet website. On the web you have to enter the captcha. Every time you successfully enter the captcha, you will get Bitcoin.

  1. How to get Bitcoin by playing games

Nowadays game developers are increasingly creative in making games. Various kinds of innovations are made so that the game can attract many people. One of them is offering gifts in the form of Bitcoin. The following are some of the Android games that provide Bitcoin prizes for their players:

Flap Pig

Bitcoin Billionaire

Coin Flapper

Blockchain Game

Alien Run

And much more

You might ask, why does the game provide free Bitcoin? So, actually this is a symbiosis of mutualism. By offering free Bitcoin to people who play their games, more people will play games made by the developer. Well, there are advertisements in the game, so more and more are playing the revenue of developers of the game is also increasing.

  1. How to get Bitcoin by Selling Goods or Services

Bitcoin is actually money in virtual form. Therefore the main function is actually to make payments. Well, one way that you can use to get Bitcoin is by selling goods or services. For example, you are a content writer. You can sell your writings and accept payments with Bitcoin. And there are many more that you can sell.

  1. How to get Bitcoin by buying and selling Bitcoin

Well, for the sixth way this is the way I get the most Bitcoin I do. The way it works is simple. First, you buy Bitcoin when the price is low. Next you save the Bitcoin. When the price rises and is higher than when you bought it, sell the Bitcoin you have. The difference in money between when you buy and sell will be your profit. Therefore, when deciding to buy and sell Bitcoin, understand the risks first.