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How Gardening Can Improve Your Physical and Mental Health

Have you ever strolled past someone’s rose bushes and thought that person must have spent tons of time caring for their garden? Have you ever thought gardening looked like a fun and involved hobby? Perhaps you should take it up. Gardening has long-since been a great way to build and maintain physical health while improving mental health. How so? Read on for a rundown on whys and hows.

Nature is Good for You

Nature in whatever form you can get it is good for you. You could garden indoors only, out of potted plants, and it would still be a heart-healthy dose of nature that you need. Why? Because humans need to feel grounded sometimes. So, wriggle your fingers in the soil and revel in how good gardening makes you feel.

Gardening Builds Strength and Endurance in the Muscles of Your Upper Body

Digging in your garden can be hard work on your muscles, as you bend, scoop, and put proverbial elbow grease into turning and churning the soil before you throw in your seeds. The repetition of digging and planting is great for your upper body. It strengthens your arms and core, while bettering your strength and endurance.

Bonus: You can treat yourself to a sciatica massage, or any deep tissue massage, as a weekly indulgence to loosen all of those muscles that tense during your gardening ventures.

Gardening Promotes Cardiovascular Health While Combating Obesity, Diabetes, and High Blood Pressure

On hot summer days, all of the bending and digging that you do during gardening can make your heart pound. Great for cardiovascular health, when your heart pounds from exercise, it helps to strengthen your organs and combat diseases and illnesses. Obesity, diabetes, and high blood pressure are a few medical ailments that are better controlled when you use gardening as one of your many ways to stay active and healthy.

Gardening Brings Focus to Relieve Stress and Clear Your Mind of Mental Cobwebs

With age comes risk of memory-depleting diseases, like dementia and Alzheimer’s. However, studies have shown that hobbies that cause you to focus, like tending to a garden, is great for stress relief and building a stronger connection between synapses to clear those mental cobwebs. Gardening can help you maintain a strong and youthful mind, regardless of how old you are.