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How to Avoid Kitchen Mistakes

How to Avoid Kitchen Mistakes

Whether you are planning a large kitchen renovation or a small one, you have to look at kitchen designs to get an idea of what can be done in order to avoid kitchen mistakes. A common kitchen mistake is not planning to have your appliances where they can be reached easily. Professional kitchen designers have found that the three major appliances used by the cook are the refrigerator, stove and sink. The cook moves from one to the other consistently. In fact, the people who professionally make kitchen designs call this the kitchen triangle and design kitchens accordingly. So, when you make your kitchen designs which you should prior to any renovation, do not ignore the kitchen triangle.

Some things in the kitchen we take for granted and forget to plan for them as the kitchen exhaust fan. Do not take for granted that they automatically come with the stove as they do not. Yet, the exhaust fan is important to not only keep the condensation over the stove light but it takes away unpleasant smells and lets in fresh air.

Plan your kitchen, no matter what size so that doorways are not obstructed and that you have a clear path to the dining area. You should place the dishwasher near the sink yet plan the space so that when you unload that dishwasher, you will have easy access to opening the door and putting things away. Your dish and flatware drawers should be near the dishwasher since you do not want to run all around the kitchen to put the dishes, pots and pans and flatware away.

When looking at kitchen designs, take a good hard look at the lighting. One of the most important elements of a good design is the lighting. The kitchen is not just where you will do the cooking but, if it is large enough, the kids will do their homework in the kitchen. You will want to organize things like your cook books and recipes as well as perhaps pay the household bills from the kitchen table and more. All of this requires good lighting. You may want to add track or spot lighting along with halogen and fluorescent lighting in your kitchen designs.

Perhaps one of the most overlooked items in kitchen designs are the outlets. There never seem to be enough or they are all in the wrong places. When you draw your kitchen designs and you know where your appliances will be, you want outlets there and you want outlets for things like the microwave, coffee pots, toasters, crock pots, and other stand alone appliances. Be sure you have enough outlets without overloading. Be sure to incorporate things like the material you want for your countertops, the height of your kitchen countertops, and most of all where will you store all the necessary things to make your kitchen neat. Keep all of the little things in mind when making up or looking at kitchen designs in order to avoid kitchen mistakes that are most common.