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How to Decide on the Right Kitchen Design

How to Decide on the Right Kitchen Design

There was a time when the kitchen consisted of a range, refrigerator, sink and a pantry. Nothing more was needed and the kitchen was functional. Things have changed because now there are kitchen cabinets to consider, perhaps an island on which to prepare foods, a grill, a rotisserie, a microwave, a chest or upright freezer, a wine cooler, warming ovens and many, many more. In those good old days, we did not have to worry about what to make the counter top with as there were no countertops to think about. Most of the food preparation was either done on the sink top or the kitchen table. Today, we must decide if that countertop should be tile, formica, granite and more. We also have to consider the color now, where the only color for a kitchen back then was white. So how do you find the right kitchen designs today?

Today’s kitchen should rightfully be called the family room as this is where the family congregates. This is where the children do their homework and the neighbors stop in to have coffee. Every woman who enjoys feeding her family has a dream kitchen in mind. Before you can start on any kitchen designs, you have to check to see what you have as opposed to what you want, and whether you want to remodel or build it new? Even if your present kitchen is old and out of date or perhaps just plain falling apart, does not mean that you have to scrap it all and start over. When you have made your list of things you need and would like to have, it is time to take pen and paper and start making your kitchen designs. Be realistic and do not put things that necessarily work together too far from each other, i.e. you do not want the refrigerator at one end of the kitchen and the sink at the other, etc.

Be sure to measure the size of the kitchen and take the shape of the kitchen into consideration also. The size and shape of the kitchen you have to work with makes a big difference in what you think are your ideal kitchen designs and what you have to work with. Kitchens come in three basic shapes, the U shape, the L shape and the G shape. There is the small kitchen, or the galley kitchen.

If you want to use your kitchen to dine in, you have to decide on whether you want counter dining which will mean building a counter suitable to eat at; a breakfast nook to eat in, which will require an alcove or a small separate space; or do you want a traditional kitchen for the family to sit and eat in.

When you have all of this together you are ready to put things in place for your ultimate kitchen designs. There are a few things you should consider before you feel your designs are complete. Did you consider even the smallest item in your budget? You do not want to have any surprises when you start to build or rebuild. You should account for every cabinet, counter and nail in your budget. It is important in your kitchen designs to take into consideration that; if you are going to live there for a long time, that your kitchen designs to be adaptable to an aging person. It is inevitable, you will age.