Oak Dining Set

Choosing an appropriate dining set for any home is as important as choosing the home in the first place. Whether it’s for a family of 10 or a family of 2, enjoying quiet nights in or entertaining friends and family every home should have adequate seating for every type of meal time.

With the kitchen diner replacing the traditional dining room in many modern builds or walls being knocked down to accommodate this in older homes, many households are now choosing a durable dining table built for every day use rather than an expensive antique that will be used a few times a year.

This has ultimately led to trying to find a solid dining table at a reasonable price. Many furniture retailers are now importing their goods, as UK manufacturing has simply become too expensive and does not meet the needs of the consumer looking for a “kitchen diner” dining set. Oak dining sets seem to be the current trend and many consumers are becoming savvy to finding out how true the description “solid oak” actually is and who can blame them having had many a table fall apart or peel away in front of them.

The right dining set should be comfortable, functional, practical and an appropriate size. Ideally it should match the existing d?�cor in the room – this and appropriate sizing being reason enough to stay away from hand me downs unless absolutely necessary.

It is recommended that at least 48 inches is left between the edge of the table and the nearest wall to allow for seating and circulation. This alone should help any decision about which size is appropriate for the room. Always be aware that a table that looks to be “about right” in a large shiny showroom might look much bigger in the modest dining area of the family home. A good tip is to lay newspaper in the allocated space so that the correct size can be visualised and measured out.

If only adding guests or family members to the dining table a couple of times a year it might be useful to consider a table with hidden leaves that can be extended as and when required. It is important to make sure the table will still fit into the room when fully extended and that adequate seating can be added perhaps with chairs that are stored elsewhere in the home. Be aware that any additional leaves and chairs that are not in constant use may not mellow in colour at the same rate as those used every day.

By lexutor