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Southwest Placemats Add a Western Touch

Southwest Placemats Add a Western Touch

When you’re getting ready to enjoy a meal of chili, tacos, or stew from the chuckwagon, nothing will accent the savor of your food more than a southwest placemat with a western theme. There are plenty of options for different kinds of placemats on the market today, depending on the exact southwestern decor you are trying to present. So the odds are good that you will find just the right placemat to match the look of your home. This will be a wonderful reminder to everyone of the striking world of sagebrush and saguaros that you are conjuring up.

There are several different kinds of placemats available to match your home decorating needs. With different themes and materials, you can choose the precise set of placemats that will complete your southwestern dining area. From the realistic to the stylized, from the light and airy to the heavy duty, there is a southwestern placemat for every occasion and every dining room or kitchen table.

Some placemats are made of 100% cotton for natural lightness and hygiene. These thin placemats are long lasting, thanks to the toughness of the natural fibers, and offer a huge range of different patterns. Rather than being woven, these cotton placemats are usually stenciled. There are countless southwestern images to bring to mind, the prairie, the corral, and the Native American wigwam to your home.

Many of these placemats have decorative geometric borders similar to Navajo and Anasazi cloths, and contain various images such as Native American themes, cowboy boots and hats, rodeo images, running horses, animals such as roadrunners, buffalo, and coyotes, and even depictions of whole pueblo towns. The only limit to the images that can be used is the imagination of the creators since the motifs are printed onto the placemat.

Other placemats make use of a mix of cotton and nylon for even greater toughness. If you are expecting to be serving a rowdy group of cowpokes at your dinner table, these would be ideal. The decoration on these placemats is usually printed or stenciled as well, and share patterns that vary as those found on their cotton kindred. Including everything from saguaros and Gila monsters to proud Native Americans, there is sure to be a placemat that pleases you.

Now, there are woven wool placemats available which are thicker and softer. Wool placemats will definitely meet the need to complete your southwestern style dinner spread if you desire something that is a little more formal than the others. They offer beautiful designs and the colors in them are very long lasting. There are many themes and almost all feature the geometric style borders. These vivid home accessories help to make your decor more complete and remind you of this distinctive American region whenever you sit down to eat a meal.

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