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The Many Benefits of Dual Purpose Barns and Garages

For those who own beloved cars and cherished livestock, protecting both is an immense concern in rural Louisiana. Whether space, budget, or timing is a concern, it can be quite wise to combine the two buildings into one: a dual purpose barn. There are many benefits to this arrangement, especially when it comes to convenience during cold or inclement weather.

Keeping Safe During Inclement Weather

Bringing the animals in for feeding after a long day of work can be exhausting. However, it can be downright dangerous when one must walk the property to accomplish this during severe weather. By allowing animals constant access to a dual purpose barn, it is easy to park the car within the garage portion, clean stalls, pen animals up, feed them, and care for them. The dash home will be the only exposure to the elements that the individual will have.

Consolidating a Budget for a Bigger, Stronger Building

Building one larger barn with more combined square footage is nearly always cheaper than building two smaller ones. Since a garage is generally rather small, the garage area could be expanded to contain a workshop, storage area for livestock necessities such as feed, and it could host a hay loft directly above the car, making use of vertical space. To the side of the building, generously sized stalls could be built to protect animals from inclement weather. A basic design like this is perfect for metal barns Hammond LA, especially when springtime storms threaten weaker structures.

Reducing the Amount of Land That Is In Use

For some, space is a monumental concern. Having two buildings not only takes up more land, but it can reduce the amount of usable land surrounding them as well. The buildings could block vital sunlight for gardens, narrow highly trafficked areas, and they may have potentially wasted space if they are a bit large for their intended purposes.

As hobby farmers and beginner homesteaders become more frugal in their efforts to maintain a home and farm, combining larger buildings is becoming quite common. An all in one garage, barn, workshop, root cellar, hay loft, and tractor barn is an ideal building for the average family. It can keep prized animals, vehicles, and tools safe during the worst of weather, while offering a comfortable environment to store root vegetables, hay, and animal feed.