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Understanding The Many Varities Of Western Placemats

Understanding The Many Varities Of Western Placemats

Placemats with a western flair can add interest and be culturally entertaining in your dining area. While giving your table a unique look, these placemats are made of both quality and interesting textures. There are many different types of placemats from which to choose that can help celebrate different occasions. The vast choice of themes will help you choose from an array of interesting styles.

Placemats with a western theme may feature special designs that are either photographic or line art patterns. To name a few of photo inspired placemats would include horses, cattle, cowboys and Indians. Many photo placemats have good color images that feature western color schemes including shades of browns, oranges and blues. Line art is a concept that may feature Native American patterns as well as graphics or may feature designs that have an antique appearance.

For special occasions, it’s fun to use western theme placemats. There are different designs for children such as the birthday cowgirl or graduation design featuring a gold star. There are inspirational designs that feature tall mountains and trees surrounded by lake waters at sunset. There are placemats to help you celebrate special moments and designs that offer encouragement with short messages. There are many patterns that can be used to blend in with western decor.

Placemat designs may be inspired by different subjects such as animals, art and architecture. Some designs may feature elements of vintage Old West. Such elements may inspire a western theme table setting. Common themes for western placemats include cabin, lodge, bears, and moose. Popular colors including brown, blue, gray, turquoise and black help set the tone for western theme placemats.

The material they are made from is an important element of western inspired placemats. Many of these unique placemats are made of wood, fabric, faux fur, leather and faux leather. While there are different styles from which to choose, make sure you understand how to care for your placemats. These unique placemats have beautiful details you want to preserve and maintain. Also, there is a selection of placemats that would complement table runners well. Size is an element to consider when choosing placemats since they are made in different dimensions.

Using western themed placemats in your table setting can be easy once you know what colors you want to use. Placemats can be interesting conversation pieces to have, especially when paired with a matching table runner. Note different embellishments that may be featured including fringed ends or bold decorative patterns. Placemats make for a great accent to wooden furniture and other rustic elements. The textures also bring a unique touch to the table setting. A visual appeal is important but the main function that these placemats perform is protection to your furniture from spills and moisture. And don’t forget that your western placemats can also be used on your night stands or side tables for surface protection and added interest to your decor.