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Why You Should Hire a Public Loss Adjuster when You File an Insurance Claim

A relatively new service is that of public loss adjusters, but their popularity is growing among those who need to file insurance claims. From business owners to homeowners, public loss adjusters provide a whole a host of benefits to those struggling to recover their losses.

What is a Public Insurance Adjuster?

It should first be pointed out that an insurance loss consulting Miami FL service isn’t needed in every circumstance. If you’re filing a claim and you feel the insurance company’s own adjuster is impartial and treating you with fairness, there’s no reason to hire an additional public adjuster. Most people are happy with the claims process and don’t feel the need to dispute the adjuster’s findings.

However, sometimes, the insurance adjuster isn’t communicating with the claimant, which raises suspicions that he or she isn’t being treated fairly. In that case, hiring a public loss adjuster may be in the individual’s best interests. This is especially true when the claim concerns substantial losses that the adjuster might be motivated to mitigate on behalf of the insurance company.

Even if you don’t hire a loss adjuster to work on your behalf at the beginning of the claims process, you may choose to consult with one later. If the insurance company’s adjuster submits an unfavorable decision to the insurance company, the claimant may then decide to bring in a public loss adjuster to evaluate the claim and the first adjuster’s decision. The public loss adjuster can look at everything after the fact to see if the insurance company reached an unfair determination.

Three Reasons to Hire a Public Loss Adjuster

  1. Increase Your Settlement – Insurance companies don’t really want to pay out on a claim, so they’re going to look for ways to save as much money as possible. This means getting your property back to its previous state as inexpensively as possible. Sometimes, that means relying on estimates from contractors who can do the work for less money but may provide a lower quality of service. A public loss adjuster can help ensure you get what you deserve, which will undoubtedly be more than the initial settlement offer from the insurance company.
  2. The Public Adjuster Works on a Commission – Much like a personal injury attorney, a loss adjuster works on a contingency, which means he receives a small percentage of the claim he earns for the claimant. This helps by eliminating upfront costs and ensures the adjuster will work hard to maximize his earnings. You will have to check with the specific service to determine the exact terms of payment for the adjuster you hire.
  3. Emotional Relief – Filing a claim for losses can be emotional for a number of reasons. While dealing with an insurance company in trying to receive coverage for damages is emotional in itself, there’s also the grief of the initial loss. The property owner or business owner isn’t in his usual frame of mind, so having a detached professional to help the process along can be the best reason of all to hire a loss adjuster. They can take over much of the work, limiting the time you’ll have to spend dealing with the insurance company’s own adjuster.

Choosing to hire a public loss adjuster is something each person must decide based on his or her own needs. Certainly, it’s a service that can help you make sure you receive a fair settlement, but, if you have confidence in your insurer, you may not need the added security a public loss adjuster provides. It depends on each individual situation.