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For Both Aesthetics and Function, Implant Dentistry Gets High Marks

For decades, people have had to choose between form and function when it comes to their dental health. Some procedures are made to look good, but many of those have not worked out for people in terms of their overall tooth performance. However, the things that have worked the best often haven’t looked the best. When it comes to dental health, it is important that both are working together. Being pain free and having teeth that work well are both important functions. People spend money on their smiles as well, so it’s critical to have dental procedures that look great.

With this in mind, the rise of implant dentistry has allowed for form and function to combine. When you look at any implant dentistry journal online, you will quickly see that implants have gotten more technologically advanced over the years. In the old days, people would choose implants only if they had a lot of money. These implants would allow them to look much better than if they had dentures. However, it would cost an arm and a leg, so only a select few wealthy people would be able to choose this path.

Modern dentistry is working hard to change this. Namely, modern implants can be done quickly, taking only a few hours in many instances. While they still are not the easiest procedures to complete, they are more accessible. Dentists today are even able to do them in a way that leads to the least amount of pain. For people who have avoided this type of procedure in the past because it is too painful to handle, the modern approach to implants is a much better option.

Implants look much better than dentures, which is why so many people choose to go this way. They are also much more likely actual teeth. While dentures do not feel real and can be less effective for chewing, implants suffer from none of these defects. This is why they have long carried a heavy cost. With the cost coming down today, there is little reason why one would ever want to avoid implants. It’s why they are becoming more and more popular.