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How to Take Care of Your Car After Collision Repair

You got in a car accident, and your car sustained some damage. Fortunately, you decided to seek professional collision repair in Fort Worth TX, and now your car is shiny, undamaged, and ready to hit the road. Even if you got your car professionally repaired, however, you should treat it with care right after it comes home from the shop—especially if it has a fresh coat of paint.

Washing Your Car

After your car is repainted, skip the local drive-thru car wash for a few weeks. If you want to clean your car, do it by hand. The new paint needs about three months to fully harden, so you should be careful when washing and drying. Use the mildest cleaning solution you can find, and dry the car with a soft chamois. You shouldn’t let the car air dry, as this can leave watermarks on the surface of the new paint. Before you start the car washing process, park your car in the shade. If you wash and dry your car in the hot sun, the combination of high temperatures and cleaning solution could lead to undesirable results.

Waxing Your Car

If you wax your car regularly, try to refrain for three months after your collision repair paint job. Because the paint needs time to dry and harden, using wax too early can lead to discoloration and other types of damage.

Parking Your Car

For the first few months after your paint repair, try to be mindful of where you park. Avoid parking beneath power lines and trees, unless you want to return to a car covered in bird droppings and sap. Such things aren’t just messy; they’re also acidic, and they can eat through new paint jobs if they’re not removed immediately.

Driving Your Car

When you’re driving, try to avoid roads made of dirt or gravel. The detritus kicked up by car tires can chip new paint jobs.

To maintain your car’s new façade, make sure to care for it in the months following the repair job. If you do, it’s sure to last for years to come.