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Garage Door Openers – Advantages and Disadvantages

Garage Door Openers – Advantages and Disadvantages

Looking into buying a new garage door opener or buying one for the first time? There are a few simple things you need to know before venturing out to your local hardware shop or calling a specialist. Educate yourself on what you will need to help the buying process go smoother. There are three major types of openers that you should be aware of in order to pick out one that suits you and your family needs. Listed from least to most expensive are the basic types of drives that you can choose from.

A chain drive is the most popular option for residential use on one and two door garages. It uses a metal chain on a trolley and is usually simple to install. It may require readjustments as the metal chain can become loose from wear. If this does happen, it will only require the readjustment once or twice a lifetime. The drawback is the amount noise they make when in use. To help with noise reduction find a model that hides the chains. If you have an attached garage or room above it, you will have to make the decision on whether the noise it makes is worth the price.

Falling in the middle is the Screw Drive which uses a Steel Rod to lift the it. It has few moving parts, and because of this, requires less maintenance than the other two options. Combining the plastic lined tracks and the few moving parts makes this quieter than the chain option. This can also be installed by the owner if you so choose. Generally, it is considered to move the slowest speed, but if you have small children or animals, this may not be a bad thing.

The Belt drive is the most expensive of the three, but it is also the quietest option, with the ability to reduce vibrations from the moving door. These door openers use rubber belts instead of the metal the other choices use. This has the convenience of being quiet, quick, and reliable.

With any option that you choose for your garage door opener, there are a few components that should be included in any of the drives including an automatic reverse feature and a lighting system. In new openers, the reverse feature is standard, but if you have an older model you may want to check and make sure it has this feature. If it does not, replace immediately especially if there are small children in the home. The second component is lighting. Most come with a lighting feature built in, but make sure it is a good system that will illuminate most of the garage. It could be a safety hazard not having enough lighting.