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Maintaining a Dining Table

Maintaining a Dining Table

The proper care and maintenance of our furniture is vitally important. Not only does it maintain the monetary value which can enable you to resell your furniture should you choose to but it also helps to ensure that it has the same visual qualities as the day it was first delivered.

The great thing about dining tables is the vast array of materials and designs which they are can be purchased in. However, to keep them clean it is important to have a clear understanding of how each material behaves and how it can most effectively be cleaned.

Wooden Dining Tables

Firstly it is important to be aware that wood when used for furniture is treated and sometimes varnished. Leaving a wooden dining table in direct sunlight will cause the surface to fade leaving a smeary and streaky finish. You should also keep the table surface safe from hot plates and liquids. It is often temping to use table cloths however you should always use place mats to ensure the wooden surface is not scratched or burnt. To clean a wooden table you can simply use a dry soft cloth of feather duster along with a regular polish.

Glass Dining Tables

Glass is probably the easiest material to clean as its smooth solid surface prevents it from absorbing dust particles and liquid. To clean glass simply use a soft cloth to remove dust or an aborbent cloth to mop any spilt lquids. A cheap, traditional and chemical free method of gleaning glass is to use vinegar mixed with warm water and general purpose cleaning cloth.

Steel Dining Tables

Steel or aluminum is incredibly simple to clean, simply ensure that whatever you use is dry and as long you give the surface a regular wipe over it will remain clean for many years to come without any specialist cleaning and maintenance.

In summary, it is very important to keep all pieces of furniture well maintained, especially dining tables as this is where we eat our food from. Glass and steel are very simple to keep clean along with wood however wood does need to be kept out of directly sunlight as it can cause the surface treatment to fade.