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Garage Door Repair Made Simple

Garage Door Repair Made Simple

If you have owned a garage door for many years, chances are one day it isn’t going to open. Garage door repair is possible for even the un-handiest of homeowners. Here are some quick tips to help you keep it operating smoothly and to fix minor, common problems.


Regular maintenance is simple and can help prevent or prolong breakdowns. Every couple of months you’ll want to clear any cobwebs and dust from the internal mechanisms. Check to make sure there are no obstructions in the mechanism. Run a test open and close. Quickly scan for any signs of damage to the frame or parts, as well as do a quick check to ensure all nuts and bolts are screwed in tightly. It only takes a few minutes and can help prevent a costly repair later on.


Garage door revamp is full of potential hazards. If you want to keep all of your fingers, it’s best to be cautious on the job site. Keep the area free of debris or anything that could become tangled in the garage or around you and wear safety goggles. Repair often involves working with spring-loaded tension mechanisms. Nuts and bolts can pop out at you unexpectedly. Keep your children, small animals, or even reckless adults away from your repair area.


Eventually patching up will be necessary, and if you’re unsure of the specific problem, one of the best places to start is with the nuts and bolts. Tightening everything and as well as lubricating the tracks and rollers can usually help smooth out any rough or jerky opening and closing problems. It’s also important to make sure that the door panels, if any, are tight. The more often you use your garage door, the more likely these parts and the brackets holding it in place will loosen. Replace any missing parts you may come across as well.


Warped tracks are another common task that might need to be performed now and again. The tracks will become worn with use or simply might have been damaged by another source. Dents or bends can slowly develop which will cause problems with opening and closing. These track bends can be reshaped with tools such as a small mallet.


Electric repair will involve a few extra steps. First, the obvious is to check the batteries if you have a remote control opener that is on the fritz. Failing that, check to make sure all of the wires are intact. They can fray over time or even rats can chew through them. Moisture can also cause destruction. If the weather has been cold, the system may have just froze up, which usually can be fixed by adjusting the settings for the winter.