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How Can I Design My Kitchen Layout Without Losing My Mind?

How Can I Design My Kitchen Layout Without Losing My Mind?

Even with help from remodel professionals like interior designers, plumbers, electricians and lighting specialists you can easily run into trouble using a kitchen layout that is too complex or difficult to construct.

If you have ever wanted to update or redesign your kitchen but are worried about which kitchen design layout to use then you should read this article. Discover which kitchen layout design is the best for your lifestyle and your budget.

“So, can I really design my kitchen layout?”

Yes, you can if you stick with the basics. The classic “kitchen triangle” is designed to control the flow of food from one work station to another. The three main triangle points are stove/oven, the sink and the freezer/refrigerator. When you think about your new kitchen design layout, you need to visualize the cook moving from one point of the triangle to the next.

You should be able to move freely from the freezer to the stove to the sink and back again without a lot of unnecessary walking and dodging tables, chair or islands. But be aware that with this classic design to work properly it may require some structural changes to the walls, plumbing, and electrical systems, etc.

This is why some homeowners have hired pros, “This is too complex. First I had to deal with the design problems and now I have to deal the electricians and the building permit people. I am so glad that I hired that designer to design my kitchen layout and deal with all these issues. “

But if you really want to create your own kitchen design layout so that you have everything just the way you want it there is one type of kitchen layout and design that is both easy to build and straightforward to plan: the One Wall Layout

The One Wall Kitchen Layout

Is one of the most commonly used kitchen design layout besides the classic triangle. Still used in most industrial and commercial designed kitchens it has lost ground to the “kitchen triangle” over the years of in most modern home kitchen layouts and one wall kitchen layout basically setups all appliances and work stations against one long wall. The wall and counter normally can be no shorter than 8 feet or you will not be able to get in all the appliances.

Often this type of kitchen layout is setup in order of the cooking process goes from one of four work zones to another. For example, the process starts at “Food Storage” (pantry/freezer /refrigerator) then moves on to “Food Prep” (a cutting or seasoning station) then goes on to “Cooking” (stove/oven) and finally ends at “Clean-up” (sink/dishwater).

In actually the true order of the setup is extremely flexible. You can have the lineup go from sink, refrigerator, stove, food prep and then from stove, freezer, sink, dishwasher panty and prep. Because this kitchen design layout is no small, the actual order does not matter and can flow around existing water lines and electrical outlets.

If you have your heart set on designing your own kitchen design layout then you may want to consider the One Wall Kitchen Layout.